"Hello, I am Bei (Bryan) Tai, 
a graduate student at RCA."
Jul. 2022 – Sept. 2022
Product Design Intern

Worked as the product design intern on an internal product, Agent Connect, at Meta’s central customer support pillar.

Led and shipped a series of major improvements to the "My Jobs" page for global customer support agents in the fast-paced 8-week sprints.

Defined ideal user journey, identified user pain points, and revamped the information architecture with cross-functional peers.

Iterated designs via critiques, workshop sessions, and brainstorming.

Delivered designs in close collaboration with UX researchers, content designers, product managers, data scientists, and engineers.
Mar. 2020 – Mar. 2021
Freelance Designer and Artist

Worked as a freelance designer and artist on private projects including product design, service design, user research, and installation art.

Define project strategies with quantitative and qualitative user research, including background research, user interviews, and questionnaires.

Develop product concepts and user needs with affinity diagrams, user interviews, user personas, and user journey maps.

Iterated on designs from user testing with low-fi paper prototypes and high-fi interactive prototypes with Framer X and Principle.

Developed visual design languages for each project, such as logos and color patterns, iconography systems, and visualization libraries.

Produced interactive art installations for private institutions with the Arduino kit.
Aug. 2019 – Dec. 2019

Experienced with highly developed customer service workflows and systems at an Apple Store.

Helped to discover user preferences, habits, and struggles while participating in service. 
Aug. 2018 – Dec. 2018
UX Designer Internship

Joined as UX designer intern as part of the UI/UX team to develop an instant messaging web app for organisation/university faculties, and students from 0 to 1.

Designed the onboarding workflow and UI.

Worked with peer designers to discover and analyze user needs.

Defined user problems and product strategies with user research.

Iterated design with usability testing and high-fi prototypes. 
Jun. 2017 – Aug. 2017
China National Radio

Assist the director editor in brainstorming the theme of the program and complete the interview recording In the “Voice of the village” channel. 
Select and edit all kinds of related audio materials, complete the editing work of the program independently, and present the program with high quality.
Sep. 2021 – Present
Programme:  Service Design
Degree Level: Master of Arts
Sep. 2015 – Jun. 2019
Programme: Interactive Media Studies
Degree Level: Bachelor of Arts
GPA: 3.52/4
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